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Bull Moose was a science fiction fanzine by Bill Morse.

Published in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Bull Moose appeared in the 1950s and the 1960s. It was an apazine, distributed through the Fantasy Amateur Press Association.

The second issue was published February 1958, in FAPA mailing 82; Issue 3 and 4 in August 1958 in FAPA 84; Issue 5 in August 1959, in FAPA 88; Issue 6 in November 1960. Bull Moose Volume 2, number 1 was published February 1962; Volume 2, no. 2 in August 1962; and the last issue to appear through FAPA was in the FAPA #103 mailing of May 1963. This was a special edition, entitled A Kind Of Descant from Bull Moose. The Kelvin Smith Library at Case Western Reserve University reports having an issue dated May 1965.

In 1953, Bill Morse campaigned to have the 11th Worldcon held in the North West Territories of Canada under the slogan of NWT in '53. According to the Fancyclopedia 3; "NWT in '53; Slogan of Bill Morse's campaign to take the 1953 convention to Tuktoyakuk in North West Territory (where the Mounties come from). He promised whale blubber lamps in every igloo, but Philadelphia managed to divert enough of his support to win on the balloting."

Bill Morse is also known as the co-editor, with Terry Wright, of the play, The Play's The Thing!, which appeared in the February 1953 issue of Confusion #16.