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Broken Umbrella Press is a London-based home press dedicated to literature, poetry, visual and sonic art.

Broken Umbrella's first edition was a quasi-narrative piece consisting of portraits and short form word configurations entitled "Here's to the Stinker!" This was followed by "Stories from Animal Fair!", featuring excerpts from an anthology of animal parables. The third issue, "Latest, the Greatest!", is now available in selected stores across London or can be bought directly from the contact link below. "Latest, the Greatest!" features two new pieces of short fiction, a portrait gallery and a CD album featuring members of Wolfie, Aum Sahib, Clunes, Ratt-Att-Agg, the Pheromoans, Amateur Ninja Club and Mad Headed Octogram.

Broken Umbrella Press was started by artist and writer Christian Butler, specifically in order to distribute his work outside of the conventional art and literary frameworks, but hopes to extend our services to other likeminded artists in the near future. Broken Umbrella Press make no claims of cultural validity. They say they do not support the arts as a legitimate cultural canon, but support people’s art. "We do it because we like it" is the reason behind Broken Umbrella Press.