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Brazael & Israzil collaboration zine published in July 2021

Brazael & Israzil is a collaboration zine produced by Hadass S. Ben-Ari from Israel, and Henry Jaepelt from Brazil. It is published during International Zine Month.

The name of the zine is two combinations of the words Israel and Brazil.

In the first issue (published in July 2021), Shoshana RK from Israel collaborated with the creators. Jaepelt included drawings, RK included paintings, a photograph and a written piece, and Ben-Ari included two written pieces - one about how the zine came about, and the other about her love of the German language.

The second issue (published in July 2022) is an issue about CDs and Vinyl. Jaepelt included a comics about Vinyl and designed the cover, and Ben-Ari included a written piece about her life with CDs.

The zine is written in English.

The layout was made by computer, drawings made by hand.

Length of both issues is 16 pages in quarter-page size.


Contact Hadass by email:

Contact Henry by Instagram: @henryjaepelt

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