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Black Widow is a music and punk zine created by Josh Cain.

Black Widow #1.

As with most music zines, Black Widow is done in cut and paste format and features band plugs, rants, interviews, reviews, one outdated/nonendorsing advertisement, and other things common to music zines.

  • 1- Created in the spring of 2007, written entirely by Cain, and initially meant to be a break away from a local music community drowning in homogenous "hxc", crunk and gangsta rap, and various other local trends. Bands that were covered included The Denizens, Warvetbrian, and Psychostick.
  • 2- Created in the summer of 2007 with submissions and some writing by the creator/editor. Features fan-submitted interviews with (hed) p.e., Cylon Dion, and some death metal acts. The writing no longer focuses on California exclusively but more on showcasing eccentric acts worth recognision. Politics (specifically surrounding Jerry Falwell) are covered as well.