Beating Around the Bush

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Issue #1

Beating Around the Bush was a zine about sex, sexualities and sexual health, edited by PussyWillow Feminist Health Collective including zinestress Jae Steele. PussyWillow was a group she had started with two friends in 1998 as a high school co-op project in Toronto, Ontario.

This zine was the second publication from PussyWillow (the first was a zine about menstruation) and had four issues. While they all contained stories, reviews and resource listings, the third issue was entirely dedicated to breasts: The Boobular Issue. This issue featured a breast slang crossword, a nipple clamp review, vintage bra ads, stories about nipple hair, breast reduction surgery, breastfeeding and breast cancer, as well as a tutorial on how to bind your breasts.

The zine's objective was to go on with every third issue being a special - the never-made sixth issue has intended to be dedicated to gender fuck - but the project ended with issue four in 2003.

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