Battle Flag of the Empire

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Battle Flag of the Empire (also known as Banner of the Global Village or Battle Hymn of the Village) is a long-planned, long-awaited business zine and Robert Kiyosaki fanzine based on Sr. Kiyosaki's famous Business Triangle - Covering the Four Levels of Business Management. Battle Flag of the Empire (sometimes amalgrammed BFE) is published by a Detroit, MI-based FedEx-Kinko's and distributed via the internet.

BFE follows the life of the zine (in a self-referencing manner) and shows the vital stages of business communication needed to compete in the global economy.


For more information on Battle Flag of the Empire, see the below links:

[ The Wu List] - One of the planned early distributors of the zine.

Global Village White Papers site - Another early distro site, hosts Metro Zine Scene FOAFs and RUNE syndication, and uses Perl-based SceneMaster (under development) software. Currently undergoing massive overhaul.