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Bastard was a zine published in the late 1990s, chiefly written by Rob Bastard, or "the Bastard". Five issues were published between 1996 and 1998. Each issue featured a central theme involving real-life stories, as well as several regular and back-up features, including letters, fiction, and reviews. The first three issues were 32 pages long xeroxed on 8 1/2" x 11" paper folded in half. Issues 4 and 5 were 16 and 32 pages, respectively, printed on magazine-sized newsprint.

Regarding itself as "rude, foul, and antisocial," Bastard's content was generally low-brow, though it occasionally featured more high-reaching moments, usually on the letters page or in the notes supplementing the fiction. A popular regular feature was "The Wanker Twins," a comic strip featuring the antics of a pair of dysfunctional stick figures. Another regular feature was "Wake of the Devastation," a serialized fantasy tale featuring various mythological and religious elements, with accompanying commentary.

Content by issue

  • 1 - "Police Harassment Stories" (feature); "Wake of the Devastation" (fiction); "The Wanker Twins (comic)."
  • 2 - "Religious Vomit" (feature); "Wake of the Devastation" (fiction); "The Wanker Twins (comic)."
  • 3 - "Close Calls With the Law" (feature); "This Old Bastard" (craft project); "Bitch Session" (column); "Wake of the Devastation" (fiction); "The Wanker Twins (comic)."
  • 4 - "Drunk Stories" (feature); art by Kelly Gregory of Psycho Carnival; "Wake of the Devastation" (fiction); "The Wanker Twins (comic)."
  • 5 - "Sexcapades" (feature); "Wanker of the Year" (tribute/letter); "Wake of the Devastation" (fiction); "The Wanker Twins (comic)."