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Baby Split Bowling News (BSBN; BSBN Publishing) was a long-running 'bowling' zine published by Julian Davis (aka Chilly-Most), former swagman for the band, Bad Brains.

The first issue appeared in November of 1989. It ceased publication in the late-1990's. It presented itself as the house organ of "Deviant Bowlers of America".

Each issue had a theme, which provided a focus for the articles & illustrations. Using both original illustrations and clip art from the pages of old magazines and books, Baby Split Bowling News offered surreal and humorous commentary on everything from "Zen Mind" (bowling as a moving meditation), to gay sex, science fiction, bowling hygiene, cooking and bowling etiquette. Contributors included The Converter, Dr. Bismol, Clyde Sakamoto, The Wonder Hostess, The Slime Clowns (an off-kilter performance art duo) and many more.

Baby Split Bowling News gave birth to a number of spin-off publications including a collection in book form of the column Zen Mind, and the handbook The Secret Handsignals of the DBA.

An excerpt from "Secret Handsignals" was featured in Chip Rowe's Book of Zines and articles/interviews were published in The Milwaukee Journal, The St. Paul Pioneer Press, and others.

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