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Asswipe is a zine based out of Oakland, CA created by Vanessa X.

Asswipe was created in April of 2012 in Los Angeles. With a heavy emphasis on humor, underground culture, music, and random drawings and comics, Asswipe is a zine that has something for everyone.

Asswipe is on it's 6th issue with no signs of slowing down. Copies can be obtained through snail mail or in most zine, book, and record shops in the bay area. Vanessa is currently working on Asswipe #8.


PO Box 1241 Oakland, CA 94604 USA


Asswipe #1 - 24 Pages of Pure Shit! / A Zine to Wipe Your Ass With

Asswipe #2 - Cheap! Easy to Read! Fun!

Asswipe #3 - Before There Was Earth There Was…

Asswipe #4 - Music Culture Shit

Asswipe #5 - Interview Issue and Other Stuff…

Asswipe #6 - July 2014

Asswipe #7 - “A Pink Pile Tour Diary” | March 2015

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