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Artificial Womb is a feminist arts zine edited by Ana Hine and illustrated by Alfie Pound with the aim of providing a space for emerging writers, artists, poets and comic creators to explore issues of sex, gender and sexuality and receive some payment for their work.

The zine was founded as a response to the unpaid internship culture within the United Kingdom’s creative industries, as well as an attempt to provide a platform for intersectional feminist ideas and discourse.

In aesthetic and tone, the zine is inspired by the riot grrrl feminist punk movement of the early 1990s.

The zine has been recently relaunched after a trial run in Dundee, Scotland. It is available on subscription on Patreon.


Artificial Womb #1 features pieces on motherhood, black hair, street harassment, depression & teenage sexuality.

Zine Distro

Ana also runs the Artificial Womb distro at, which stocks Shape and Situate and TYCI.

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