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AquaPirates! is a black and white minicomic created by Ainsley Yeager. She prides herself on making it as unplanned and on the spot as possible; call it comic improv.

In a nutshell the comic is about the not adventures of a group of pirates who decided to be sneaky and use a submarine instead of some crap boat. One is a vegetarian pacifist who superficially looks like a punk. Another is a misanthropic military deserter who just loves to make people hate him. And the most odd of the bunch is the immature a-sexual spawn of a dragon and a kraken who is oblivious to any emotion other then joy.


Aqua Pirates! started as a high school art assignment in 2005 with the goal to be as off topic but as amusing as possible. From there AquaPirates! went to the net and became a web comic. But Ainsley had a hard time updating the site for various reasons and it was shut down and restarted multiple times. It was not until the decision to make AquaPirates! a mini comic printed DIY style that it really took off. The first issue in print was AquaPirates! Not Halloween Special. In April 2007 Vol 1: Horrible Kitten Vomit was released with the intention to look more like a comic than the previous issue.

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