Apocalypse Playground

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Apocalypse Playground was a zine edited by Dylan Kinnett from Shepherdstown, West Virginia, U.S.A..

Apocalypse Playground was released bi-monthly and featured gothic and morbid poems, stories, imagery and art work. The zine was begun in 1996, and lasted until 2001. It was a photocopied, double-sided, 8x10 zine. The zine included the work of such contributors as Jennifer Brennerman, Rose Byrne, St. Elyse, Lady Dementia, Kasin Hunter, Lizz Marsden, REV. NIK, Grace Palmer, Jodie Palmer and David Young.

Apocalypse Playground has the distinction of being the first zine published in the town of Shepherdstown, West Virginia, and is in the collection of the Entler Museum in that town.

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