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Anna Vo publishes the interview-based zine Fix My Head, focusing on people of color in a global context, and their experiences playing punk music, writing and organizing politically, and The Swan The Vulture, addressing her perspective as a survivor, feminist, vegan, anarchist of color participating in political organizing and playing in punk bands. She toured twice with the US-based POC Zine Project in 2012 and 2013.

Vo has also been playing in punk, metal and indie bands for over ten years, and is currently in six bands that were formed around concepts of identity and politics. She also has a solo 12 string guitar project which toured Europe in Spring 2014. She also has a record label, An Out Recordings, that is in its sixth year. Alongside playing and releasing music, Vo has involved in various art installations and protest dance performances/events. She has organized venues, festivals, and community spaces in eight countries. Her focus is on anti-racism programming within a feminist framework. Other community work addresses refugee and POC populations, and their experiences and resources in white-dominated societies. Since relocating to the USA in October 2013, she continues her music, art, community work and social work whilst finishing her novel for young adults - about growing up Vietnamese in a white Australian beach town.