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Andrew Laties (born ???) is an independent author from Amherst, Massachusetts.

Laties started and closed numerous independent book stores in the Chicago area before opening the nation's first privatized children's museum store at Chicago Children's Museum on Navy Pier.

In 1988, Laties was named chair of the American Booksellers Association's Children's Booksellers Task Force, later serving as chair of the Education Committee's Video Sub-committee. He co-produced two films: "Computerizing Your Retail Bookstore" and "The Art of Selling Children's Books". He then taught at several ABA booksellers schools, serving in 1995 as dean of the Soros Foundation-funded International Booksellers School in Latvia.

Recently, Laties co-founded VoxPop, a print-on-demand and small press publisher. VoxPop publishes and distributes Laties' first book, Rebel Bookseller.

In early 2007, Laties began contributing to Fall of Autumn as a regular columnist.



Podcasts/Audio Recordings

  • "He Who Cannot, Teaches" an audio rant from Rebel Bookseller, read for the Zinester Podcasts