Already Too Much, Never Enough

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Already Too Much; Never Enough is a personal zine published by Denver, Co. resident Andie Lyons. There are currently two issues in print - #1: Fat Girl In (and out of) Love (Fall 2005) and #2: Fat Girl At (and on top of) the Kitchen Table (Spring 2006). A third issue is forthcoming, expected late spring or summer 2007.

While ATM;NE primarily addresses body politics and sizism, it has also addressed issues interrelated to body issues, including the politics and food, sex and relationships, the impacts of gender on body politics and self perception, and privilege within body contexts.

From the Not Sorry Catalogue: "subtitled, "fat girl in (and out of) love," andie's stories of love, sex, lust, food and body image were written with beautiful raging self-exploration and an exploding soul. she writes about the aftermath of an unintentional weightloss, not being afraid of the word "fat," resisting drawing lines in the fat community, owning her body by making it her's through body modification (tattooing) and food politics. her writing is passionate, witty and urgent. i can't believe this is her first zine!"

Already Too Much; Never Enough #1 and #2 are available through Stranger Danger Distro, EyeCandy Zine Distro and Not Sorry Distro.


Andie POB 40671 Denver, Co 80204