All Of My Mistakes

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(this page is written on behalf of B AOMM, the writer of All Of My Mistakes)

aomm is a perzine (personal zine) about making mistakes. there's photography, collages, weird poetry, questionable drawings and existential angst.

this zine started in very late 2019 -- a new years' resolution, spurred by a midlife crisis (quarter life?) had during the wait for the fireworks. B made it thier goal to write two zines per month, and until july, they were was doing alright.

B only got to 19 zines in 2020 but B did end up finishing the 24 zines of 2020.

going forward, expect one zine a month, plus some special issues. B has been meaning to write that second brat pack zine for a while now.


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About AOMM

aomm is a perzine, which means B talks too much about themself.

reading aomm can sometimes be like reading a weird, sad diary. the zine is guided by whatever interests B at that point in time and covers topics like astrology, robot dating, weird dreams, and caterpillars.

special editions are thicker zines (50+ pages) that cover topics like brat pack movies, and canberra. planned special editions include another brat pack zine, a zine on parramatta road, and one about tasmania.

B also makes A4/8 page zines. send B a line if you'd like to chat about swapping some of these.

About the author

B is Australian. B enjoys sitting in the sun like a lizard, long car drives, learning new information, and astrology.


B would love to hear from you.

please feel free to email

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