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Alien Girl t-shirt distro was started by friends Marcy Alien and Stephanie Alien in Seattle, Washington, sometime before 1995. It was a home-based business selling hand silk-screened feminist, queer, and miscellaneous artistic designs. The shirts were sold for $1 to $2 more than it cost the company to purchase them, resulting in affordable message dissemination in good style without capitalistic intent.

In 1995 Alien Girl moved its printing offices to a new house in Seattle, dubbed "The Ladies' Lounge." Other projects run from this home office were "Seattle Girl Convention" and its zine, as well as being a base for the then active Seattle Food Not Bombs. The Seattle chapter of Riot Grrrl held meetings between these two locations until the convention in the summer of 1996 when Stephanie moved away and the distro and meetings came to a halt.

There were two officially printed catalogs, available until 1996.

After a short time out of print, many of the most popular designs came available again through Two Girls & a Garage t-shirt distro, in addition to new designs.