Adita 10: CD Compilation

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Adita 10: CD Compilation is an independently released CD. It is the 10th issue of A Day In The Air zine. The CD includes a zine companion and a patch. The packaging was completely DIY and there were five hundred CDs released. This was the first A Day In The Air zine to contain a CD. Each band created their own zine page for the compilation companion zine. The music was mostly from Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and other midwestern states.

Track listing


  1. "Count to 10 for Daddy" – Adita (Mr. Adita and Adita)
  2. "Attack" – The Strict
  3. "How to Breathe Underwater" – Brazil
  4. "Jeffery Dahmer" – VxDx
  5. "The Detective" – Vida Blue (Ten Grand)
  6. "Bury Your Head" – Seven Days of Samsara
  7. "Insatiable" – King Toad
  8. "Today's News" – Provoke
  9. "Watertank" – Now or Never
  10. "Give Me a J" – Grubby Ernie
  11. "Public Safety" – Ice Cream Anti-Social
  12. "Jokes" – Brian Dailey, Mike Smith, Cole Pierce, and John McWilliams
  13. "On Leather Wings" – Stillwell
  14. "Sleep the Day" – Twinstar
  15. "Eleven, eleven" – Summerleague
  16. "Slipknot" – Nymb
  17. "Year Ender" – Girl Named Megan
  18. "this is not wise" – Favorite Shape Triangle
  19. "Uterus" – Shiloh Church
  20. "Doctor Tongue" – I Love Rich
  21. "Herpee the Love Bug" – 86'd
  22. "The Yachts (live)" – Autocrash
  23. "Farther Along" – William Elliott Whitmore
  24. "Sing For Me" – Mike and Bradley

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