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Absurdist Monthly Review is a PDF zine established in April 2006 by absurdist author polycarp kusch to explore the theoretical roots of absurdist prose and the history of absurdist authors and culture.

Absurdist Monthly Review gathers excerpts from famous theoretical works by Mikhail Bakhtin, Viktor Shklovsky and other masters along with newly emerging critical papers on metafictional devices, semiotics, sound symbolism and reading theory and combines them with original content written specifically for the magazine by members of The New Absurdist movement including Ray Fracalossy, Craig Synder, Justynn Tyme and polycarp kusch. New works from all sources are welcomed.

Each article is accompanied with full color images, hyperlinks to relevant resources on the web and now beautifully illustrated with the artwork of David Metcalfe.

Originally started in the spring of 2006, AMR took a 2 ½ year break after just 5 issues, but returned to a regular publishing schedule in February 2009. All issues are free to download and free of advertising.

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