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Abort! is a zine published in New York since 2001 by Jonathan Spies.


  • #1 Published: 01/01/01. A print run of less than 20 copies! Featuring existential comics, and part 1 of the comic collaboration "Chinchilla Man" written by Daniel Tuhus-Dubrow.
  • #2 Published: 02/01. Accounts of the protests at the inauguration of Bush. Cover features a photo by Rachel Leah Woliansky [1] of protesters carrying a sign reading: "CTRL + ALT + DEL: ABORT THIS PRESIDENT." Part 2 of the "Chinchilla Man" saga. Print run explodes by 1,000% due to the discovery of an under-supervised copy machine in an NYU building.
  • #3 Published: 03//01? Part 1 of article by Joe Piglet about protests in Canada. Print run of ~150: 30 with original cover (crying baby), the rest with variant of the same cover as issue 1, which nobody had seen because nobody ever saw issue 1.
  • #4 Published: 05/01? Acclaimed comic about Jonathan's father having a heart-attack after he discovers that Jonathan smokes. First appearance on Maximum Rock 'N' Roll's top 10 list! Literally dozens and dozens of this issue in print.
  • #5 Published: 06 or 07/01. "Understanding New Jersey" issue; one rambling essay/story. Cover drawing of guying puking into a toilet.