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The 56a Infoshop is an anarchist social centre in London, UK.

56a Infoshop was born in June 1991, sharing a squatted space with Fareshares food co-op (purveyors of fine wholefoods and organic veg. since 1988). The centre is now rented rather than squatted and reopened in 2006 after a refurbishment. The centre also includes a free bicycle workshop. The Infoshop has a book/zine/music/t-shirt shop as well as a substantial and excellent radical publication archive/zine library. Several projects are based in and around the centre including a seed exchange, free school, radical history group and bicycle ballet.

The zine library and archive contains zines of a great number of genres with particular interest in radical politics, feminism, DIY guides and music. Many zines from the early 1990's Riot Grrrl and Queer movements in London, and the UK, remain in the archive. Donations are always welcome via post.

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