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Bryce Galloway has been self-publishing his own music since 1985 but only turned to the fanzine format in 2002. Galloway's zine Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous PeopleIncredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People is a quarter-yearly zine which is available for free pick up in his home town of Wellington at time of issue. Back issues are available through Galloway ( or through New Zealand's only zine distro Cherry Bomb Comics[1] Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People is a personal zine that diarises Galloway's domestic life as mortgagee, de facto husband and father-of-two in Wellington, New Zealand. Occasionally, issues of the zine pick up on other themes. Galloway's zine often uses the text and illustration format, at other times indulges cartooning. Some issues come with a CD of local musicians covering certain stellar pop icons. These issues contain cut-out "make your own CD cover" pages at back.

Galloway also released the CD/zine The Tower of Lint with collaborator Michael Brown. This zine described the lowlights of Galloway and Brown's floundering alt-country band Pony Club, during their time together in the late 90s.

Bryce Galloway is a co-organiser of Wellington Zinefest 09

Has been a stall-holder at Wellington Zinefests 07/08, Auckland Zinefest 09

Guest speaker at Wellington Zinefest 08, Auckland Zinefest 09

As a lecturer at the School of Fine Arts, Massey Univesity, Wellington, NZ, in 2010 Bryce Galloway will be running the Lecturer Lead Elective - Zines, Scenes and Economy of Means

(NB: Bryce Galloway is enough of a twat that he wrote this himself in the third person)