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Bryce Galloway has been self-publishing his own music since 1985 but only turned to the fanzine format in 2002.

Galloway's zine Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People is a quarter-yearly zine which is available for free pick up in his home town of Wellington, New Zealand at time of issue. Back issues are available through Galloway (, various NZ retailers and Melbourne Australia's Sticky Institute ( Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People is a personal zine that diarises Galloway's domestic life as mortgagee, husband and father-of-two in Wellington, New Zealand. Occasionally, issues of the zine pick up on other themes. Galloway's zine often uses the text and illustration format, at other times integrates comics. Some issues come with a CD of local musicians covering certain stellar pop icons. In 2011 the first 37 issues of Galloway's zine were anthologized into a single book by art books publisher Clouds [1], and in 2017 the best of Galloway's ...Diary Comics were collected in a single volume by Pikitia Press [2]

Bryce Galloway was a co-organiser of Wellington Zinefest 2009 -2011. He was the instigator of Hamilton Zinefest 2014. He has been a stall-holder/guest speaker many zinefests throughout Australasia. As a Senior Lecturer at the School of Art, Massey Univesity, Wellington, NZ, Bryce Galloway runs the Lecturer Lead Elective - 'Zines, Scenes and Economy of Means'.

Bryce Galloway has co-curated two exhibitions surveying New Zealand and Australasian zine activities respectively. Firstly, Zines Aus Neuseeland with Heather Galbraith for the Weltkulturen, Frankfurt, Germany in 2012. Secondly, small press with Kim Paton for Ramp Gallery, Hamilton, New Zealand in 2014.

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