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ZineWiki is an open-source encyclopedia devoted to zines and independent media. It covers the history, production, distribution and culture of the small press. Feel free to add your project, contribute additional information to already existing pages, or to edit what’s already published. Subjects should be explained in terms of their relevance to zines and independent media.

ZineWiki was created by Alan Lastufka and Kate Sandler in June 2006. In March 2008, the site went off-line. In February 2009, the site was restored through the efforts of Denny Crawford, and Jerianne Thompson and Dan Halligan took over as administrators. In April 2021, the site was again restored and put back online by original co-founder Alan Lastufka after being hacked and available in read-only mode for years.

Early contributors included Webly Bowles, Emerson Dameron, Aaron Cynic and Dan Halligan, while numerous contributions later came from Sarah and Tom Hendricks.

ZineWiki is powered by the Wikimedia software meaning anyone, anywhere can contribute directly to the site at any time. ZineWiki aspires to the same standards of quality, accuracy and neutrality as Wikipedia. If you are not familiar with Wikipedia, please have a look at its guidelines before contributing. After that, take us to school!

As content grows, it has been suggested that ZineWiki act as a central catalog for zine librarians. The ZineWiki site is the first of its kind, in that any zinester or librarian could catalog a new issue/title as it becomes available, and the result would be instantly searchable, for free, from anywhere around the globe. Building a universal cataloging system would also assist the effort towards persuading public libraries to include zines in their collection.

ZineWiki expects a flurry of activity as zine authors, distro owners and infoshop volunteers register their free accounts and add informational pages about their own projects, or make changes and additions to existing entries.


Have questions? Find errors? Feel free to contact Alan Lastufka via his personal site.