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xZINECOREx is an emerging metadata standard similar to DublinCore for the purpose of cataloging zines. The idea is that different libraries and archives that deal with zines will eventually be able to share information about their collections, and that one day there will be a union catalog that will contain the zine records from multiple institutions.

Dear You

Dear ZineWiki editors,

If you're working on an entry about a zine, will you enter the table below, replacing the sample info about Heavy Mayo with metadata about the zine you're describing? That would be helpful because your zine librarian friends are attempting to create a union catalog, and this is the metadata schema we're using for it. ZineWiki entries will serve as what's called an authority file.


Copy this, replace with your metadata

xZINECOREx Element Actual Metadata
Title Heavy Mayo
Creator Milo Miller
Subject/Genre Food/Cookzine
Publisher Milo Miller
Contributors n/a
Date of publication 2009
Physical description 4.25" x 7", cardstock, 16 pages
Union ID n/a
Language(s) En - English
Place of publication Milwaukee, WI
See also SoyBoi, Mutate Zine, etc.
Freedoms and restriction Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0


Definition and table sample from QZAP: About xZINECOREx