Where does a musk rat keep his musk?

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Where does a musk rat keep his musk? (September, 2003) is a small zine by Gracia Haby, Louise Jennison and Elaine Haby.

Small drawings and details from this zine featured in My beautiful laundrette, a collage installation held at the Eco-express waschsalon in Berlin, Germany, late 2003.

The three zinesters also created the zine Footy Essentials together.


CD editions: 1 to 20

Musk stick editions: 21 to 100

Extent: 30 circular pages

Notes: A black and white zine. The CD edition comes complete with Muskrat Ramble recording - Kid Ory and Jimmie Noone, March 29, 1944 and Alvin Alcorn 1975 ... with thanks to Peter "no hawk" Haby and John "shorty" Pye. The author's note on their website that the Musk stick edition is "best when fresh".

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