What About Us Grils?

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What About Us Grils? was a science fiction fanzine by Joyce Fisher, Pam Janisch and Sue Robinson.

The title of the fanzine is not a misspelling, but based on the old joke, in which someone wrote on a toilet wall, "I love grils", and someone else had crossed out the 'grils' and replaced it with 'girls', and yet another person had written below that, "What about us grils?"

What about Us Grils? was first published in 1969. Three issues were released, the last issue appearing in 1970.

Contributors of writing included Robert Bloch, Joe Staton, and Bob Tucker (Le Zombie, Science Fiction Newsletter).

The article "Oldies But Goodies" by Robert Bloch was later reprinted in Science Fiction Five Yearly.

Contributors of art work included Tim Kirk, and Bill Rotsler.

The zine ended after Joyce Fisher moved to New York and began her next fanzine, Potlatch. The third issue was done entirely by Pam Janisch.

Joyce Fisher had previously co-edited the fanzine ODD, and would later publish Hard Science Tales in the 2000s.

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