Wax Dragon

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Wax Dragon
Issue 2 1980
Cover art by William Church

Wax Dragon was a fantasy fanzine edited by Irvin L. Wagner, and Al D. Cockrell, and was published by New Fantasy.

Released in Bronson, Michigan, U.S.A., three issues of Wax Dragon appeared in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The first issue, published in 1977, was 32 pages and featured cover art by Michael Littlejohn. Articles included "A Guide to Fantasy Wargaming" by Scott Bizarre; the columns "The Bight of Benin" by Charles R. Saunders (Dragonfields, Stardock); and "Stalking the Winnebago Eggshell" by Lawson W. Hill (Myrddin); and the short story, "The Spirit Duplicator" by Darrell Schweitzer. Contributors of art included William Church, A. B. Cox, Michael Littlejohn, and Brian Pavlac.

Issue #2 was published in 1980. It featured cover artwork by William Church; and the articles "Forum on Fantasy" by John L. Leland; and "Blackelven" by Charles R. Saunders. Short stories included "Specter in the Buried Chambers" by Jessica Amanda Salmonson (The Literary Magazine of Fantasy and Terror, Fantasy Macabre, Windhaven); "First of the Litter" by Irvin L. Wagner; and "The Half-Scalan" by An-Clovis. Contributors of interior art included William Church, Randy Holmberg, and Steve Swenston.

Issue #3 was also released in 1980. It featured cover art by Randy Holmberg. Articles included "Is It True What They Say About Leopard Men" by Charles R. Saunders and the short stories "Ding-Dong Bell" by B. F. Watkinson; and "Feast of the Gods" by Al D. Cockrell. Contributors of interior art included Steve Swenston.

Irvin L. Wagner and Al D. Cockrell had previously published three issues of the title Wyrd earlier in the 1970s.