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WAR#1 Cover

WAR is a contemporary fanzine published in Argentina focussed on uncontrolable actions, ideas and trash, edited and curated by the photographer Nicolas Santiñaque. Besides having the online version, each number has a limited edition, crafted, numbered and silkscreened.


WAR#1: Dafne Lopez Toigo / Mati Nuevo / Daniel Basso / Niki Noto / M. Hinostroza / Vicente Grondona / Nicolas Santiñaque / Leon Moreno / Acampante.

WAR#2: Yamandu Rodriguez / Hef Prentice / Antonio Savasta / Nina / Rafael Aladjem (Homoxidal500) / Boom Boom Kid / Scorpion Dagger / Zoelandia.

WAR#3: Gustavo Eandi / Luz Ferrari / Gorsad Kiev / M. Pacho Lopez / Santiñaque / Ariel Pukacz / V. Tettamanti / Markie Sparkles.

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