Vertical Horizons

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Vertical Horizons was a science fiction fanzine published by the Vertical Horizons group.

Published in new South Wales, Australia, Vertical Horizons first appeared in 1952 and was published till 1953, with five issues released. The Vertical Horizons group consisted of women who were writing, and reading science fiction.

The first issue was released in April 1952, and was edited by Norma K. Hemming, Laura Molesworth and Rosemary Simmons. The second issue was released in May 1952, with Norma Williams joining the editorial staff. The third issue appeared in November 1952, and was edited by Rosemary Simmons. The fourth and fifth issues were released in 1953, and edited by Rosemary Simmons.

Contributors included L.M. Chalmers, Norma Hemming, Laura Molesworth, Rosemary Simmons, and Norma Williams.

Norma K. Hemmings also published her short stories in the Science Fiction pulp magazines New Worlds, Science Fantasy, and Thrills, Inc..

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