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[[Category:Zines from the UK]]
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[[Category:2010s publications]]
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Valley of Dolls by Su Mwamba

Valley of Dolls is a 20 page, A5 (half-size) zine by Su Mwamba, released May 2011. Unlike previous TangleCrafts zines, Valley of Dolls is a collaborative venture, consisting almost entirely of guest projects, features and interviews. Contributors were invited to submit a project or feature relating to dolls in any way.

Intuition Doll kit (felt & fabric stapled to front cover) based on Baba Yaga fairy tale, variation on a project first featured in Enchanted Times #1
Reviews of The Doll's House by Rumer Godden & The Mennyms by Sylvia Waugh
Project: Felt Daruma Doll by Diane Gilleland
Project: Beaded Babushka Doll by Robin O. Mayberry
Project: Guerilla Dollcraft tutorial by Sarah Graham
Project: Folding Zen Doll by Penelope Harris
Interview: Clare Chambers of Absolutely Small
Interview: Tracey Meek, including exclusive illustration
Other: Exclusive illustration by Sally Jane Thompson