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Undelivered is a perzine created in October 2006 in Ontario, Canada, by Vicentine.

Undelivered is composed of letters written over the course of 2006 to individuals who will never know these words were to put to paper for them. Although she says the collection consists of letters to a plethora of people, the truth is that most of the series is devoted to one person who doesn't even know this zine exists.

Undelivered is written mostly in metaphors, as a means of maintaining some sort of artistic flair and an air of mystery. The sentences are cryptic enough to be specific and vague all at the same time. It delves into the deepest parts of relationships, memories and heart ache. It analyses situations and generally floats up and down on a chaotic emotional roller coaster.

In its mystery a story unfolds. The characters have no names, their location is unknown, and you never quite know exactly where they stand, but the complexity of their relationship and the vagueness of the ideas turn Vicentine's memories into the readers' own.

Undelivered is 20 half pages in length. Within its sturdy, full colour cover lies photocopied pages of words and photos all written and shot by Vicentine. The only borrowed material comes from specifically chosen song lyrics that impacted the train of thought, writing, and situation at the time of composition.

An excerpt;

“Minutes are being wasted thinking and planning for a distant future that could disappear tomorrow. The clock ticks away another moment spent dreaming about a box with four walls, wooden floors, and empty spaces of promise. Smiles form on lips and eyes glisten with fear and excitement. This is all so thrilling.

Did you bring champagne?”

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