Ultra Violet Q-Tips

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Ultra Violet Q-Tips was a zine, edited and solely created by Mitsuko Brooks as an amalgam of adolescent angst and feminist ideologies. It ran for 7 issues (the mid to late 1990s).

Mitsuko started creating her zine in her bedroom in Aviano, Italy using her father's 1970s typewriter. As she moved to Gaithersburg, Maryland, Philadelphia, PA and New York City, she continued this project under other titles.

Issue 5 of UVQT was reviewed in R. Seth Friedman's Factsheet Five (#61, May 1997).

Mitsuko Brooks continued to create zines under various other titles, such as Granny's Attic, I Wish You Believe in Yourself More, Why Am I So Scared, Ripe Tomato, Cut Up Diary, and Taijin Kyoufu.