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Tyrann was a science fiction fanzine by Henry Ebel (1938-2008) and Norbert "Bert" Hirschhorn, published in New York, New York, U.S.A.

At least four issues of this hektographed fanzine appeared in the 1950s. The first three issues were edited by Hirschhorn with Henry Ebel. The Assistant Editor was Richard Bergeron, who later went on to publish his own fanzine, Warhoon.

Art work is by Richard Bergeron and Max Keasler.

Written contributions come from Richard Elsberry (ODD), Bob Farnham (The Chigger Patch of Fandom), W. Paul Ganley (as himself and as Toby Duane) (Fan-Fare), A.W. Haddon, Orville W. Mosher, and Ev Winne.

Included in the fanzine are an editorial by Hirschhorn, articles, fiction, poetry, fanzine reviews, and a letters column.

Tyrann was a member of "Fanvariety Enterprises", an affiliation of fan publishers put together by Max Keasler and Bill Venable. It included such publications as Max Keasler's Opus, Bill Venable's The Pendulum, Norman Browne's Vanations, Harlan Ellison's Science Fantasy Bulletin, Dave English's Fantasias, Bob Farnham and Nan Gerding's The Chigger Patch of Fandom, Ian MacAuley's Cosmag, SF by John Magnus, Joel Nydahl's Vega, and Starlanes by Nan Gerding and Orma McCormick.

In the pages of Cosmag, Jerry Burge reviewed Tyrann, saying, "The friendly atmosphere pervading every article is a welcome change from the constant criticisms of all and sundry, to be found in many of the other zines."

Bert Hirschhorn also wrote a column for Spaceship.

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