Trying to Fuck The Furniture

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Trying to Fuck The Furniture was a one-shot by SaBean MoreL that dealt with her long-term heroin use and relationships with various individuals, including M Lloyd and Chris Garcia.

She started the project in 1996 after Michael Sugar gave her an essay called "Crying For That Sexy Girl", about the night SaBean attempted to seduce him in order to get money to support her habit. Sugar's death a few weeks later, coupled with MoreL's increasing habit, led her to shelve the project until 2001.

MoreL used a photocopier to produce 50 issues without illustrations in 2002. She later did a revision with photos in 2006 in an edition of 25 issues. She was planning on creating a one woman show based around Trying to Fuck The Furniture in 2007, but the illness of her long-time friend andlover M Lloyd led her to put it off, and the two travelled to Finland for a stay of undetermined length.