The new pollution

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The new pollution

The new pollution - national zine anthology (Chippendale, N.S.W.: Loud, [1998]) 'featuring important life instructions on how to make a zine plus a national zine anthology.' The new pollution was edited by Sean Healy, Amanda Benson, Ian Sweeny and Aaron Bristow, and featured design work by Damien Frost, and features interviews with Australian zinesters, including Richard Neville, founder of the eminent satirical magazine Oz and with Australian Distros. Also included is a zine-making guide that includes practical advice as well as an appraisal of the cut and paste aesthetic compared to desktop publishing. However, the bulk of this pubilcation is is devoted to an a-z anthology of current Australian zines, and to a lesser extent e-zines and comics.

Publication of The new pollution generated some controversy within the Australian zine 'community', in part due to the strictures imposed by the creation of their own definition of zines: "Zines are small, amateur publications, created for the love of it rather than the money, and they tend to champion thoughts and feelings over production values. Zines are censor free (this book is censored). Zines are spontaneous, irregular (We had to stretch this book's deadline as much as we could). Zines are personal intimate communication vehicles." Some contributors were also critical of some of the more commercial aspects of the publication, for example the inclusion of information about 'how to obtain advertising', as well as the lack of communication between publishers and zinesters around how interviews were to be featured in the publication.

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