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===See also===
===See also===
[[Zirp]] (Till D. Thomas).
[[Zirp]] (Ulama), [[Zahlen oder nicht zahlen?]] and [[Solitude]].  
==External Links==
==External Links==

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The Treasure Fleet is a Berlin based collective, founded in late summer 2010 as a fusion of four independent comic and zine publishers from Germany (and Norway): Édition Biografiktion, My Own Press, Salmiak and Ulama. Aim of the project was to create and develop better channels for the distribution of creator-published comic books or minicomics.

This platform is also open to others and the webshop presents a selected range of minicomics from indepentent comic artists and small press publishers.

See also

Zirp (Ulama), Zahlen oder nicht zahlen? and Solitude.

External Links