The Star Rover

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The Star Rover Cover Art by Arthur A. McCourt 1946

The Star Rover was a science fiction fanzine by F. Lee Baldwin.

The Star Rover appeared in the 1940's and at least six issues of this mimeographed fanzine were released.

Contributions included the articles "Forgotten Fantasies" by Redd Boggs (The Lovecraftsman, Sky Hook), "The Arkansas Time Traveler" by Van H. Splawn (Soma), "The Forgotten Age" by John M. Stadler, Jr., and "Dogmatica" by William Young: the bibliography and article "A Checklist of Edgar Allen Poe" by Van H. Splawn; and poetry by Walter A. Coslet (The Scientifictionist) and Atlantis Lee.

Art work was by Arthur A. McCourt.

The fanzine also included fiction such as "Island Bees" by editor F. Lee Baldwin, one of the Lovecraft circle of writers.