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The Proper Boskonian is a science fiction fanzine published by the New England Science Fiction Association.

The NESFS came into being September 23, 1967 in Boston, Massachestts, U.S.A. and agreed it should publish a fanzine, which was called The Proper Boskonian The founding editor was Cory Seidman. The fanzine officially started with issue 0, which was published October 31, 1967. Cory Seidman edited four more issues before she passed the reins onto Richard Harter, who co-edited with Marsha Elkin, with Mike Symes as Art Editor. This team issued issues 5-9.

Contributors have included Dainis Bisenieks on Soviet fanzines, Bob Devney, Anthony Lewis, Mike Symes.

Contributing artists included Margaret Dominick (as DEA) Stephen Fabian, Jack Gaughan, Ian Gunn.

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