The Proper Boskonian

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The Proper Boskonian is a science fiction fanzine published by the New England Science Fiction Association.

The NESFS came into being September 23, 1967 and agreed it should publishe a fanzine, which was called The Proper Boskonian The founding editor was Cory Seidman for issues 0-4. The fanzine did, indeed, officially start wit issue 0, which was published October 31, 1967. She passed the reins onto Richard Harter, who co-edited with Marsha Elkin, with Mike Symes as Art Editor. This team issued issues 5-9.

Contributors have included Dainis Bisenieks on Soviet fanzines, Bob Devney, Mike Symes.

Contributing artists included Margaret Dominick (as DEA) Stephen Fabian, Jack Gaughan, Ian Gunn.

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