The Pendulum

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The Pendulum is a science fiction fanzine by Bill Venable.

The first three issues appeared in 1952, and at least one more issue appeared in 1953.

Contributors of artwork included Richard Bergeron (later editor of Warhoon), Joe Gibson (later editor of G2), Jack Harness

Contributors of writing included G. M. Carr (Cry of the Nameless), Raymond L. Clancy, Harlan Ellison (Science Fantasy Bulletin), and Walt Willis (Hyphen).

The Pendulum was a member of "Fanvariety Enterprises", an affiliation of fan publishers put together by Max Keasler and Bill Venable. It included such publications as Max Keasler's Opus, Norman Browne's Vanations, Harlan Ellison's Science Fantasy Bulletin, Dave English's Fantasias, Nan Gerding and Bob Farnham's The Chigger Patch of Fandom, Norbert Hirschhorn's Tyrann, Ian MacAuley's Cosmag, Joel Nydahl's Vega, and Starlanes by Nan Gerding and Orma McCormick.

Bill Venable also did the fanzine Aleph-Null, Cosmos, Fanvariety, Gostak, Oat-Hulls, and Teilchen.