The Kvinde Hader Klub

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The Kvinde Hader Klub (Danish for "Woman Hater Club") was a music zine published in the 1980s out of New York City, NY by Herb Jue. It was memorable because of it's tiny hard to read print, packed pages, and basically being one man's point of view about bands and the music scene. Each issue featured editorials, band interviews and lots and lots of reviews.


5 (1988): 12 pages, featuring reviews, article on New Music Seminar (with response by Jack Rabid of The Big Takeover), and interviews with Pere Ubu and the Flaming Lips.

6 (1989): Included blue Elvis Costello flexi disc and review of his album "Spike" (probably how the zine is most known today since the flexi is a collector's item for Costello fans)