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The Alarm is a political zine started in 2005, out of Houston Texas.


The Alarm #1 Released on March 20th 2005, this cut and paste issue contained a political scene report of radical groups in Houston. Strongly inspired by People's Global Action.

The Alarm #2 Another cut and paste issue featuring a Radical Scene Report and interviews with Simon Sedillo of Austin Indymedia about Magonismo and organizing in Oaxaca Mexico, and Maria Jimenez about her life organizing in Houston. Featured graphics design assistance and cover design by Derri Air.

The Alarm #3 Radical Scene Report and interview with Jordan Flaherty of Left Turn Magazine about the post Katrina crisis in New Orleans. The whole layout was done by Sprout, only issue to date produced on a computer.

The Alarm #4 Radical Scene Report and interviews with Anti-Gentrification activist and people's historian Lenwood Johnson (Featuring art from World War 3) and an interview with Palestinan American Activist Hadeel Assali, also a reprint of an article on Zapatismo from Globalize Liberation by Elizabeth (Betita) Martínez. Cover art by Jiny Ung Cut and Paste.

The Alarm #5 Radical Scene Report and an interview with Gary Spitzer of the Corpus Christi Campaign to End the Death Penalty, and feature on immigrant rights with a letter from organizer Juli Rincon. Cover art by Deri Aire Cut and Paste.

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