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I guess I'm the first and only person to write anything on the discussion board. I've barely looked at ZineWiki so far, but have just looked at the entry for Fred Woodworth's The Match.

It struck me as odd, and was somewhat disappointing, to see that there was no physical address with the entry. Why not? Shouldn't a website about zines honor "snail mail" by providing physical addresses? It seems like kind of a snub to the very subculture the whole site is apparently devoted.

If you say you're worried about privacy, zinesters and "papernet" enthusiasts---or should we say, mail junkies---spread their POB addresses all over the place, and a few, even their home addresses. Mail junkies like to live dangerously! That's part of the thrill!

But maybe my comments are premature. And since I am the first and only one on the forums right now, I wonder if there's enough interest out their for a reply. Will this be another dead end for me like it often is in cyberdom?

Guess we'll have to see.