Starbase M.T.L.

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Starbase M.T.L.
Issue 7 Summer 1979

Starbase M.T.L. was a media science fiction fanzine edited by John Spires and published by Star Trek Montreal.

Subtitled "The Montreal Trekker's Log", Starbase M.T.L. was a clubzine for the Montreal, Quebec, Canada based, Star Trek club. 7 Issues were released in the 1970s. The first issue appeared in 1977; #2 was published in 1978, #3 followed in Fall 1977, issues 4, 5 and 6 were released in 1978, and the last issue, #7, was published in Summer 1979. The fanzine featured club news, convention reports, short fiction, poetry, art work, puzzles, book reviews, fanzine reviews, and comic strips.

Contributors of writing included Ruth Berman (Inside Star Trek, T-Negative, The Star Trek Songbook), Cassiopeia, Roxanne Deslongchamps, Jeremy Edward, Benjy Eliasoph, Judith Fett, Marcy Gilmour, Nancy Kippax, Genevieve Lapierre, J.S. Lee, Howard Naud, Wendy Pearson, Bob Quicke, J. Robinson, John Spires, Brian Stewart, Melissa Thomas, Barry Tremaine, Cathy Tribble, F. Vieira, and Ben Volker.

Poetry was contributed by J.S. Lee, Gifford Owens, Jr., Brian Stewart, and Crystal Ann Taylor.

Puzzles were by Linda Gorman.

Contributors of art work included Susan Armstrong, Linda Huntoon, Wendy Pearson, Bernard Reischl, Lorne Shapiro, and Barry Tremaine.