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Space Diversions was a science fiction fanzine by The Liverpool Group.

Space Diversions was produced for the Liverpool Science Fiction Society, in the UK. Eleven issues were published in the 1950s till 1960.

Editors fluctuated throughout the run of the fanzine. Members included Dave Gardner, Tom Owens, John Roles, and Norman Shorrock. The Art Editor was Don MacKay. Issue 1 was released July 1952. Issue 11 was the last issue and appeared in June 1960, edited by Norman Shorrock and distributed through Offtrails Magazine Publishers Association. A special issue, called "7a", (June 1954) was made up for the Supermancon.

Contributors of writing included Eric Bentcliffe, H.J. Campbell, A. Vincent Clarke, Lewis Conway, Pete Daniels, Bill Donaho (Habakkuk), Terry Carr (Innuendo, Klein Bottle), Dave Gardner, Alan Hunter, Murray Leinster writing as 'Will Jenkins', J.T. MacIntosh, Frank Milnes, Pattie Milnes, Stanley Nuttall, Tom Owens, G. Quinn, F.G. Rayer, Bob Richardson, John Roles, Ken Slater, and Walt Willis (Hyphen).

Columnists included Vargo Espley, with "Sprockets, Missals, and Space Gabble", and John Owen, with "Drums Along The Mersey".

Contributors of art work included Eddie Jones, Don MacKay, and Arthur Thomson (The ATom Anthology).

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