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Cover of Smegma 3

Smegma was a punk zine from Dublin, Ireland.

Smegma was put together by Angus who did the zine for 12 years from 1986 to 1998. Together with Nosebleed, these are the longest running Irish zines. Smegma was a unique punk zine with crazy artwork, funny interview questions and a series of researched articles, for example the "Nasty Bastards" series about serial killers. Angus is known for poetry performances at gigs and he performed recently at the opening of the Zine Show in Dublin in July 2006. One of the comics of the zine was a long running comic where by Norbert the hunt sabateur was on a mission to save a cow that had been kidnapped by Ronald McDonald. To do this Norbert had formed an alliance with the right wing capitalist Batman and for this reason the comic was known as The Unholy Alliance. In the comic, Norbert and his team travel to South America and become involved in a gun fight/jungle warfare. The comic began around in the seventh issue of the zine and was continued in each issue afterwards (although Norbert the hunt sabateur character was in the zine in earlier issues). Another classic feature of the zine was the Cider reviews in the third issue. In this the Dublin punk band Stagnation tried out and gave their opinions on different ciders. The article was accompanied by photos of the lads trying the ciders out.