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Slanted was a fanzine from the Washington, D.C. area that was published by John Davis from Fall 1993 to Spring 1995.

The focus, especially in early issues, was almost exclusively on punk and indie bands from the D.C. scene. Primarily written by its editor, a teenage John Davis, who went on to play in the bands Q And Not U, Georgie James, and Title Tracks, Slanted generally consisted of interviews, record reviews, concert reviews, and a D.C. scene report. Early issues included poetry and short fiction, but those were discontinued as the focus shifted solely to music. Publication of Slanted ceased in Spring 1995, but Davis began work on a new fanzine called Held Like Sound, which released its first issue in Fall 1996.


  1. Fall 1993 - Interviews with Fugazi and WGNS Studios
  2. Winter 1994 - Interviews with Jawbox, Velocity Girl, Holy Rollers, and Severin
  3. Spring 1994 - Interviews with Tsunami, Slant 6, Spinanes, and Las Mordidas
  4. Summer 1994 - Interviews with Bratmobile, Pitchblende, Jawbreaker, and The Townies
  5. Fall 1994 - Interviews with Fugazi, Edsel, Your Majesty, Sideshow, Tuscadero, and The Make*Up
  6. Spring 1995 - Interviews with Heartworms, Avail, Pet UFO, Sinkhole, Thirsty, Neptune's Daughter

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