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Sl@nted @nd Ench@nted was a monthly music freesheet zine from Dublin, Ireland.

This freesheet was distributed around Dublin's smaller, independent record shops. The first issue appeared in January 1996 and it continued until around 1998/1999. Between three and six hundred copies were made per month. There was around 37 issues made in total, of which several were big 40 paged fanzines. Sl@nted @nd Ench@nted contained writings about gigs, concerts, clubs and nightlife in Dublin. This zine reviewed music, books and other zines. S@E was very well written in articulating life in Dublin at the time and it was also quite outspoken in its writings. There was also interviews done in the bigger issues, one of which was with a member of the Dublin co-operative alternative cafe who gave their opinion on why the cafe was closing down.

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