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The Shortandqueer series is published by Kelly Shortandqueer. All of these zines are still in print.

shortandqueer #1

Friends are Important – Dedicated to his friends, Kelly wrote stories about and included pictures of those folks who have been important in his life over the years. While the stories are about those friends, it also gives lots of insight into his life.

shortandqueer #2

Things I like / don’t like – This zine was Kelly's attempt to get over his fear of drawing. In it, he illustrate things he likes and things he doesn't like.

shortandqueer #3

The best thing that happened today was… – For 101 days, Kelly wrote down the best thing that happened to him. This zine documents those best things, illustrating his sometimes silly, sometimes weird, sometimes boring and always geeky life.

shortandqueer #4

The Coming Out Issue – This zine documents interactions Kelly had with friends and family as he started coming out as transgendered. Much of the zine is about his relationship with his mom, e-mails back and forth, letters, etc, that illustrate how far she’s come to be supportive. It also includes some pieces Kelly wrote for The Tranny Roadshow.

shortandqueer #5

The best thing that happened today was... (part 2) – This is a continuation of sq3, where Kelly wrote down the best thing that happened every day. This zine mostly takes place in Chicago.

shortandqueer #6

Now that I’m a dude – After being out as a transguy for about a year and a half, Kelly has had some ridiculous experiences. In shortandqueer #6, he wrote about how some things have changed in his life while others haven’t. Health, dating, co-workers, and weird interactions are the focus of this zine.


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